If you are looking for a high-end car without the lifetime commitment, you can opt for a long-term rental. Explore our range of luxury car rentals located in Sydney and take your next drive to the next level.

Need a luxury car for longer than a few days? Sometimes life can demand more of us and alternative arrangements need to be made. Other times, we find ourselves in the perfect position to indulge ourselves and truly immerse in luxury. Whatever your reason for needing a luxury vehicle, we offer long-term rental options that are tailored around your needs and requirements. We provide a huge selection and range of cars at superior value, especially because we know nothing compares to the feeling of driving one of the vehicles in our impressive fleet.

Whether the car for business or purely for please, we offer options and choices that can cater to both. And it’s easier than ever to secure a long-term rental; just choose the luxury vehicle of your choice and complete our easy online booking form to be on your way to the ride of a lifetime.

So often it’s as simple as wanting the perfect balance between securing a high-end vehicle, that will change the way you go about your daily life for a longer amount of time, without being trapped in the nets of commitment.

We are confident that the experience will be so stimulating that the transition back to reality will be a pretty hard feat! To make things even better for the lucky drivers, our cars come fitted with the latest technology so you can stay a step ahead of the rest.

If you have any questions or want more information, we can help you with any queries related to your car hire options, so don’t hesitate to ask about our competitive long-term rental options.